Webinar: All you should know about Email Deliverability

28 juin 2022, 13:00

Sending commercial emails is one thing, but making sure that they arrive where they’re supposed to is something entirely different. With ISP's that are make sure spam messages don’t end up in your inbox, what are the best practices to ensure inbox deliverability? In this English webinar, Johan Van den Hende from iO will cover all aspects of email deliverability together with Jan Schapmans from Selligent.

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In 1978, the first spam message was sent to just 400 users. But today, more than 150 billion spam emails are sent every day. So how do you avoid being labelled as ‘spam’?

We will cover the do’s and don’ts, including technical requirements, GDPR obligations and how to construct your emails. Following the rules of decent email making will minimise the chances that your emails are perceived as spam.

And because Jan Schapmans from Selligent - a leading expert in deliverability - is our guest, his expertise will only add to this webinar. He will also discuss how Selligent Marketing Cloud includes many tools to secure that desired inbox delivery!

So, if you are interested in hearing how to maximise your deliverability or you want to know how Selligent Marketing Cloud can help you, this webinar is definitely something for you.

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Johan Van den Hende
About the speaker
Johan Van den Hende
Digital Strategist Marketing Automation - iO

Digital Strategist at iO, offers ad hoc solutions based on the business needs of companies regarding digital transformation, multi-channel marketing and marketing automation. He guides clients through the entire process of Automation strategy, platform selection and implementation.

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