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10 octobre 2023

iO's social advertising team visited TikTok HQ for the first Benelux agency workshop. TikTok is Gen-Z's search engine, and an exciting platform that’s constantly developing new features. We’ll be highlighting the most interesting insights and opportunities we learned from TikTok in this article.


TikTok offers users a compelling user experience with its thrilling flow of fresh, captivating content. It’s a platform that’s constantly adding new features. Advertising is all about being where your target audience is, and if that’s Gen-Z you cannot afford to ignore TikTok’s impressive new social advertising opportunities for another second.

Video Shopping Ads with Catalog

Want to encourage strong intent to purchase or drive consideration among your potential customers? This dynamic and innovative format offers advertisers several quick advantages: stimulating product discovery, enhancing purchase intent, and most importantly, turbo charging your conversion rates.

It’s worth mentioning that other prominent platforms like Facebook and Instagram have already proven the value of dynamic shopping but as their audiences shrink it is wise to consider casting your net further to TikTok.

TikTok now offers type of ad in a dynamic format. This dynamic format combines video creatives, product cards, and landing pages in a variety of creative variations that provides users with a rewarding shopping experience that’s hard to leave behind.

Auto Generation and Refresh (AGR)  

To stop your audience getting bored with repetitive ads and information, TikTok introduced an exciting tool called the Auto Generation and Refresh Beta.

One of the biggest pitfalls facing online advertisers is creative fatigue. This occurs when an audience has been exposed to the same creative content repeatedly. When you’re setting up your campaign, this feature empowers you to generate new creatives based on the video you've selected as your main ad.

You can forget about creative fatigue because the platform monitors for signs of creative fatigue, TikTok automatically delivers the newly generated creatives to your main audience as a substitute for your initial ad. You are still in control and have the flexibility to choose which ads serve as fallback options and which you prefer to exclude.

“Sometimes it looks like Gen-Z can be almost impossible for most advertisers to reach. The new advertising developments from TikTok will give our clients the access and the advantage they need”

Femke Kraakman iO

Femke Kraakman, Social Advertising Specialist iO

Landing Page Optimization

TikTok's latest feature aims to deliver higher quality traffic directly to your website, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and engagement on your landing pages.

You can select Landing Page Optimization as a campaign objective when creating a new TikTok campaign. This is a great development because until now, TikTok has primarily served as an excellent platform for creating brand awareness and connecting with your target audience. However, it wasn’t the most effective platform for generating quality website visitors. With this new feature, TikTok delivers better quality traffic and improves your website’s conversion potential.

By aligning your campaign with your visitor's intent, TikTok's Landing Page Optimization empowers you to provide a more tailored and engaging experience. This strategic enhancement helps maximize the impact of your campaign and drive higher conversion rates.

“We love the new TikTok developments and can’t wait to analyse the data so that we can get the most out of this platform for our clients.”

Femke Kraakman iO

Femke Kraakman, Social Advertising Specialist iO

To summarise, TikTok is constantly evolving its advertising features to meet the developing needs of advertisers. With Video Shopping Ads, Auto Generation and Refresh, and Landing Page Optimization, TikTok has a comprehensive suite of tools to help you connect with your audience, combat creative fatigue, and drive better quality traffic to your website.

TikTok is working hard to become the platform of choice for every advertiser. More and more options make it possible to improve the success of your campaign. The iO social advertising team would love to tell you more about opportunities it offers your business.

Femke Kraakman iO
About the author
Femke Kraakman
Social Advertising Specialist - iO

As one of iO’s newest faces, advertising specialist Femke Kraakman has her sights set on the future. A cookieless one, for example, but with plenty of possibilities. Relying on sufficient hands-on marketing experience and an eye for digital trends, she’s ready to make a difference in the world of the web.

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