Learnings from attending the Webcertain International Search Summit 2022

19 décembre 2022

The International Search Summit is an event dedicated entirely to international search marketing topics and challenges. The event has provided us with tips, tactics and insights on how to improve online visibility in international markets and how to effectively engage your target audience across the world. As paid marketing specialists, we chose to attend the Paid Search track. Other tracks that were offered during this event were SEO and Content & Outreach. In this blogpost Team Advertising Amsterdam will take you though the most important learning we’ve had while attending the International Search Summit.

ISS Barcelona

How to prepare for the future of cookieless advertising?

Andrew Bloch from Click Train took us through some tactics to prepare for the world of cookieless advertising. He emphasised the importance of building organic audiences. Right now is the time to start building content strategies for different organic platforms to engage and attract people to become part of your audience. When creating these content strategies, it is very important to take in account the format of the content posted on this platform. So, create content specifically for the platform: do not post the same video on Instagram and TikTok.

Furthermore, think about the added value for your website visitors to create login? If you can attract people to create a personal login on your website or application, you are able to capture this audience without using cookies. But of course, what is in it for your visitors?

Determine lifetime value of the customer to improve your bidding strategy

Understanding how valuable different users are based on lifetime performance is important for using the following bidding strategy. During the presentation it was explained that an average regular customer of Starbucks consumes about 13,000 euros worth of coffee in his entire life. The first purchase yields about 4 euros, but more will follow because of this first purchase. This principle can be applied in Google Ads. By linking customer information to Google Ads, Google gains insights into the total value per conversion. This allows the smart bidding strategy to focus on customer lifetime value.

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Performance Max

Another big takeaway from the Search Summit in Barcelona was the presentation about all the possibilities of Performance Max campaigns. A type of campaign which is relatively new.

Google promotes this campaign format because of the many possibilities of placings and formats in different networks of Google. A lot of practical tips, do’s and don’ts were given during the talk. For example, one of the tips was: excluding the brand name from the campaign.

However, the performance insights we can gain from the campaign in Google Ads itself are relatively limited. Therefore, a very useful learning was to use analytics tools (such as Google Analytics 4), besides Google Ads itself, to get extra insights into the Performance Max campaign. This allows you to gain insight into new versus returning visitors, the bounce rate, time on site and which pages the visitor has viewed.

These insights help you to optimise the campaign in a better and more precise way. It is very useful to gain insights from as many platforms as possible to take the performance to another level.

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