Webinar: the future of data-driven content strategy

21 juin 2022, 12:00

A content strategy is often based on your own insights and those of the client. At iO, we like to link data to this that confirms or corrects those assumptions. In this webinar, data expert Michael will show how he generates the right data to build his strategy based on keyword and competition analyses and content dashboards, and what a data-driven content strategy will look like in the future.

Michael presenting at iO

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Know what works and what doesn't

Is your content in line for the throne, or is it already wearing the crown? While we often have a good idea of ​​where we need to go when developing a content strategy, it is much more difficult to substantiate our assumptions. In this webinar Michael Van Den Reym, data expert at iO, shows you how you can use hard data to build a content strategy that scores in Google.

How do you start a keyword analysis? Which searches do you include and which not? How do you know what is relevant to your target audience?

How do you gain insight into what the rest of the market is doing through a competitive analysis? What works for and what doesn't, and how do you learn from that, what you can do better?

How do you map out which content is already doing well and where you can still take steps using content dashboards?

Keyword and competition analysis, content dashboards, … Michael shows how they click together and make the puzzle work, and what future data-driven content strategies will look like.

Michael Van Den Reym
About the author
Michael van den Reym
Search Engine Optimisation, Innovation & Data Expert - iO

Michael considered his own website’s findability a valid reason to really learn SEO. Today, he spends his days translating complicated data into everyday language and juggling keywords, tags, and tweaks. Even live on stage, as a brightonSEO guest speaker.

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