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The things we still love doing at iO

Ever since the RAAK story began in 2003, we have been a data-driven agency. Our focus on that expertise is unwavering, but we now get to work in the full-service capacity of iO.

You’re in good hands

You can count on us — all of us. We are thrilled to be part of iO and cannot wait to advance your business, online and offline. Let’s take a look at how we can make your brand stronger.

Explore new horizons

iO extends a hand to the data and content experts of RAAK

We’re not quite joining hands in holy matrimony, but we are now one and the same. RAAK has always focused on coordinating data and marketing campaigns, and now, we are supported by our colleagues — iO experts in campuses in four countries.

With iO, you can have your cake and eat it

Now it’s no longer a secret that RAAK is becoming iO. In fact, it hasn’t been a secret for a while. But it may not be entirely clear exactly what these changes mean for you.

Well, in short: nothing.

You still work with the same people you’ve gotten used to, with the same vision, and the same way of working. Our people still help you, just the way you like it.

Our expertise in data and content is now much more than a single agency — it has become part of a larger organisation that offers you infinite opportunities for growth. An organisation where our colleagues are true experts in technology, strategy, marketing, content, and creation.

And that’s the whole story.

“By joining iO, we are strengthening and broadening the services we provide to organisations.”

Tim Karpisek | iO

Tim Karpisek, Managing Partner RAAK, Business Strategist & Partner iO

The future of RAAK and iO

or join us at an iO campus for a cup of coffee

  • We have left our old office building behind, but don’t worry — you can still find the people you know at an iO campus near you.

  • Moving to another city changes nothing, we’re all still more than happy to tackle your challenges.

Luon iO
Raak | iO

Driven by data, powered by people

Tim Karpisek
Managing Partner RAAK, Business Strategist & Partner iO

Onno Hesselink
Managing Partner RAAK, Creative Director iO

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