The shift from traditional to digital marketing: Optimizing the Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel is a crucial tool that helps companies track the stages that potential customers go through before becoming brand ambassadors. However, with the world rapidly shifting towards digital knowledge bases, traditional marketing strategies are no longer effective. This article will provide an optimized approach to the marketing funnel that aligns with the changing trends of the industry.

The traditional marketing funnel

The traditional marketing funnel follows a cone-shaped model that aims to attract as many people as possible to the top of the funnel without a phased, detailed strategy. The main goal is to reach a large number of anonymous people, with the awareness stage receiving the most attention. 

This traditional funnel follows 4 stages: Awareness > Interest > Desire > Action. It’s the awareness stage that gets the most attention. This stage typically employs traditional marketing techniques such as TV and direct mailings.

Some examples of the traditional marketing funnel:

  • A company runs a TV commercial during prime time to reach a large audience and create awareness for their product.

  • A company sends out mass mailings to potential customers, hoping to generate interest in their product.

  • A company offers a discount or special promotion to create desire and encourage customers to take action and make a purchase.

  • A customer enters a physical store and is greeted by a sales representative who guides them through the sales process, leading to a purchase.

With the shift towards a digital society, the way consumers look for information has changed. Mass marketing methods no longer do the trick. Consumers want a personal solution from brands who truly understand their individual needs. Thus, a new marketing funnel is needed.

The new marketing funnel

The new marketing funnel has evolved into an omni-channel experience that's unique for each customer. The buyer carries out online research independently, and they can enter and leave the funnel at any stage through social media, organic search, or desktop and mobile devices. The focus is on engaging with individuals, leading to personal relationships that allow companies to understand their consumers better. This approach also leads to brand advocacy, as happy customers share their positive experiences with others.

Additionally, the new marketing funnel doesn't stop at the Action stage. Instead, it includes adoption, loyalty, and advocacy, with customer retention being an essential component. Studies show that the longer the relationship with the customer lasts, the higher the profits. Happy customers generate even more happy customers, making word-of-mouth marketing and customer retention a crucial investment.

Some examples of the new marketing funnel:

  • A customer searches for a product on Google and clicks on a paid search ad that leads them to a landing page with personalized content and offers.

  • A customer follows a company on social media and engages with their content, leading to increased interest and desire for their product.

  • A customer signs up for a company's email newsletter and receives personalized recommendations and offers based on their browsing and purchase history.

  • A customer purchases a product online and receives follow-up emails with tips and advice on how to use the product, leading to increased adoption, loyalty, and advocacy.


In conclusion, the shift towards a digital society has necessitated a shift from traditional marketing strategies towards an optimized marketing funnel. The focus is now on personalized engagement, customer retention, and brand advocacy. This approach creates personal relationships with customers that allow companies to understand their needs better and generate more profits. With the new marketing funnel, the journey from awareness to brand ambassadorship is now an individual experience, customized for each customer.

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