Force451 is rolling up its sleeves at iO.


To make the rock-solid creative concepts we develop for you come to life better than before, we will soon become the creative driving force of iO.

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With iO, the creative possibilities are endless - infinite opportunities, as we like to say. But how does that influence the way we help you?

Ready to take on a new world?

Together, we are more than an excellent creative agency - we are an end-to-end partner in marketing, technology, content and creation, and strategy.

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Why Force451 is becoming part of iO

The human story comes first at iO - just the way we like it at Force451. That’s why us joining iO makes sense as a next step. Because now, there’s nothing we cannot help you with. On top of our well-thought-out strategies and creative concepts you know and love.

A logical next step for us — and you

How iO strengthens our creative ideas

Force451 has been building unique creative concepts for 17 years. And we will continue to do so at iO.

As an end-to-end partner, we will support your brand from creative brainstorm to implementation and distribution.

“Why is that good for us?” — we can hear you asking this question already. The biggest advantage of an end-to-end partner like iO is that there isn’t anything we cannot help you with now.

You will continue to work with the same team of versatile experts in the same way. With the same vision and approach - but now, you will get some extra benefits.

Just look at all our colleagues across campuses in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Bulgaria.

What will be changing, then? Our name. So, don’t say Force451 anymore. Call us iO.

Questions? Contact us, we’d be happy to help

“We build brands and always look for the defining quality of companies and brands. We will continue to do so at iO.”

Raymond Slootweg | iO

Raymond Slootweg, Managing Director Force451

The same familiar faces, just greater in numbers

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  • Our team of experienced professionals won’t be working at the creative labs55 in The Hague anymore, but will be joining Campus Rotterdam.

  • We will keep performing creatively for you. Mixing the directness from The Hague with the no-nonsense vibe from Rotterdam.

The Force451 team

Raymond Slootweg
Managing Director Force451

Gillie Rokromo
Creative Director Force451

Office with plants
Force451 crew

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