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Do you know which actions visitors take on your platform? And — perhaps more importantly — why they take those actions? A UX scan provides data-driven insights and shows you where you can improve.

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What is a UX scan?

A UX scan is a comprehensive evaluation of your website, e-commerce platform, or app. In this scan, our experts take a closer look at your platform in terms of UX and UI. We identify areas for improvement and action points that can make your platform more user-friendly and improve conversion.

In other words: a UX scan is the first step toward digital success.

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Is a scan like this interesting for me?

Visitors who can easily find relevant products, who get help when they need to make choices, and who can go through checkout quickly, are more likely to buy your products or services and recommend your platform to friends and family.

If your platform does not deliver a suitable, intuitive user experience, you are potentially missing out on customers, sales, and word-of-mouth — something you likely want to avoid.

By putting themselves in the shoes of those visitors, so to speak, our experts can identify areas for improvement.

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Enchanté, nous sommes iO

iO est une “Blended Agency” qui joue le rôle d’accélérateur de votre digitalisation en cassant les frontières entre les mondes des agences, de la technologie et de la consultance. Cela donne naissance à une nouvelle manière de travailler ensemble. C'est pourquoi nous vous aidons à donner une forme durable à l'ensemble de votre expérience de marque. Nous associons des talents en stratégie, créativité, contenu, marketing, technologie et data. Ainsi, nous exploitons toute la puissance d'une collaboration intelligente.
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