One Shoe Utrecht goes for more with iO.


One Shoe has been helping you with your creative and digital challenges since 2006. As iO, we still do - only from now on you'll get a lot more. Now, we're a full end-to-end partner. Welcome!

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Today, there are endless opportunities for organisations like yours to take a creative and digital lead. Infinite opportunities, as we call them. And we would love to help you with that.

Still the same experts, just with a little more.

We are more than ever your end-to-end partner. Thanks to our new colleagues on different campuses, we can solve your problems in the areas of technology, marketing, strategy, content and creation even better.

Explore new horizons

Why One Shoe Agency is becoming iO

In a few words: to help you further. We will offer broader, deeper, and even better services. That makes us happy, and it makes you happy too. By becoming part of iO, we now offer you infinite possibilities and the strength of a large organisation.

A broader proposition that serves you

From creative UX agency to end-to-end partner

Digital agency, UX design agency, creative agency - whatever you called One Shoe until now, as iO we are more than that. You now have a true end-to-end partner. Our experts in technology, content, creation, marketing, and strategy are happy to provide you with more insights, opportunities, and innovative solutions.

Your trusted One Shoe UX Design agency will remain in Utrecht, a stone's throw away from the central station. Soon, iO Campus Utrecht will be our home. Be sure to drop by: the coffee is ready!

“By transforming into iO, we deepen our expertise in strategy, technology, marketing, content and creation."

One Shoe becomes iO, but everything stays the same

or come along for a coffee on our campus

  • So instead of saying One Shoe, you can start saying iO. Lucky for you, the only thing changing is our name. Our home base, our approach, and your contacts will all stay as they are now.

  • We still offer the same services, with just a little more. More expertise, more depth, more satisfaction for you.


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