Everything you need to know about growth opportunities in 2023: end-to-end agency iO looks to the future with the Opportunity Report

14 décembre 2022
How do you, as a company, lead the way in a world that is evolving rapidly and where certainties are disappearing one by one? In the Opportunity Report, iO experts have identified opportunities in four domains: business innovation, smart marketing & communication, optimised customer experiences and strong technological foundation.
Opportunity Report iO

Today, end-to-end agency iO launches the Opportunity Report : a digital guide to prepare brands, clients, governments and maybe even the entire market for the developments, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2023. The diverse range of expertise at iO is a curated guide that’s bulging with knowledge, visions, videos, interviews, tailored advice, and opportunities. 

What can your organisation expect from 2023? In difficult, uncertain times, many companies have the conservative reflex to stick to what they already know. To do what they've always done. Even though that’s understandable, in 2023, we need to show a lot more courage and innovation. At iO, they have therefore gone a step further. In the Opportunity Report, they not only translate trends into opportunities, more than 25 of their experts give 19 pieces of advice on how your organisation can seize those opportunities.


Pieter Janssens, CEO at iO:
“The digital world is evolving rapidly and that means that timely deployment of new developments and technologies has never been more important. With the Opportunity Report, we want to proactively support companies in this using the collective knowledge that can be found throughout the iO campuses. And then we make this know-how, experience and vision available to everyone.”

For each discipline (strategy, marketing, content and technology), iO's expertise is efficiently bundled into four topics: business innovation, smart marketing & communication, optimised customer experiences, and a strong technological foundation . Read, listen, and watch 2023.iodigital.com.

About iO

iO is a growing team of experts, providing end-to-end services for communication and digital transformation. Thinking big, working locally. Based on strategy, creation and content, marketing, and technology, iO works with customers to strengthen their brand, improve digital systems, and encourage future-proof growth.

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