OKEEJ: via Machine Learning towards a lasting healthy lifestyle

Friso Geerlings, Technology Director – iO

Friso Geerlings
Room 4

As iO Technology Director, Friso bridges the gap between technology, business, and execution. With a background in Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction, Friso has been spending the past 20 years working on the complex challenges of some of our high-profile clients, mostly in the financial sector. It is also his job to keep the Technology team in Eindhoven up to code and full of energy; through the iO Machine Learning specialisation and AWS Clou, for example. Friso regularly takes a moment to share the iO vision and insights with a wider audience.

About the talk

Wanting to live healthier as always been paramount – but far from easy without help in today's fast-paced, digital world. Technology innovator OKEEJ has an interesting take on this. OKEEJ combined the use of an intelligent digital platform, machine learning and smart sensors to render personal coaching scalable. This soon will make personal training affordable for everyone.

Together, OKEEJ and iO developed a unique concept, scaled with the Cloud and learned valuable lessons during the process. How do you collect data? How do you 'train' an algorithm operationally efficiently at large scale?

During their talk, Ilona Last (OKEEJ) and Friso take you through what the platform has to offer and share insights from development. We’ll discuss the 'limited budget', the absolute need for agile development and how we brought business and development teams together to develop an advanced platform with Machine Learning ourselves. But - perhaps our most important learning – they’ll also share with you the revolution that awaits us in the Fluid Future. After self-service, we Machine Learning service is the next big thing and that means dealing with platform development in a new way.

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