UX design: your compass in a Fluid Future

Danny Meijer, UX Design lead – iO

Danny Meijer
Room 2

Danny's UX design career has already led him past large corporates, small start-ups, his own company and countless collaborations. During this time, he noticed time and again how UX design always managed to create impact. Today, he uses this knowledge to translate the needs of end users into effective digital end products. His greatest weapons? A passion for design, a deep interest in human behaviour and a strong affinity with technology.

About the talk

Even in a fluid future, there are still certainties. Like how technology is changing and improving our lives at breakneck speed, for example. Today, we are met daily by new, digital capabilities such as AI, revolutionary apps, online self-service environments and AR/VR. The Fluid Future has no plans of changing that course. What does that mean for your organisation? Your customers will come to expect more than 'just' digital interaction with your product or service, tailored experiences will become – and stay – the norm. An indispensable element: UX design!

It isn’t enough to simply adopt new technologies and call it a day. What good are beautiful digital products if they are unusable by your customers? UX design can help you bridge the gap between your business goals and your customer’s needs. How do you translate this into concrete value in digital product development? How do you offer your customers the user experience they deserve? I'll tell you all of this – and more – during my talk. See you at the Opportunity Summit?

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