The Fluid Future is modeled: predictive data as a secret weapon for your digital marketing

Lars van Tulden, Data & Intelligence consultant - iO

Lars van Tulden
Room 3

Lars has been miningthe new gold that is data for years. As a Data & Intelligence consultant at iO, he helps clients with strategic and tactical data issues. For instance, he translates business objectives and KPIs into implementation of predictive models, data warehouses and tracking issues. In recent years, he has specialised in solutions that help organisations advance digitally in marketing, commercial and operational terms. A passionate advocatefor the power of data to improve digital products and solutions, he likes to show clients the value of their own channels - with numbers and his own unlimited curiosity.

About the talk

In the Fluid Future staying flexible and using your investments efficiently will only be more important for brands. This cannot be achieved with (only) emotion and gut feeling. Fortunately, there is still the logic of predictive data. In recent years, many brands have (un)consciously collected a lot of data through all kinds of customer contact and communication channels. Often this treasure trove of data remains unused and unstructured. Models that turn this raw data into concrete, smart insights are worth their weight in gold. In our talk, I’ll teach you how to use them.

Language: Dutch
Interpreter: Yes

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