How We Are Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Rodger Werkhoven, Executive Creative Director – iO

Rodger Werkhoven, Executive Creative Director – iO
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Rodger Werkhoven is Executive Creative Director at iO Campus Amsterdam. With almost 30 years of experience working for top design and advertising agencies including Studio Dumbar, Total Design, DDB, Ogilvy, BBDO, McCann, Havas, and WPP. His work has earned numerous awards at prestigious festivals like Cannes Lions. However, he takes the most pride in the many Effie awards his campaigns have secured for his clients.

In 2022 he was invited to contribute to the successful beta launch of DALL•E 2 by OpenAI. Rodger contributed and connected the company with renowned Dutch artists, expanding OpenAI’s creative network in the Netherlands.

Rodger co-founded CollaborAitors with his close friend and celebrated artist Arno Coenen, which produced the award winning 'Let's Be Friends,' the world's first AI-generated, AI-animated, and AI-narrated short film, which is now being screened by Dutch Embassies in Europe and China as part of cultural exchange programmes.

About the talk

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that AI technology is making boundaries between disciplines fluid. Who is creative? The copywriter or the art director? The graphic designer or the poet? The animator or the fashion designer? The music producer or the software developer? The data scientist or the psychologist? What if the answer is actually all of them, at the same time? AI has the potential to augment every individual to Super Hero, Homo Universalis status. Newton’s words, that 'we stand on the shoulders of giants' are more true than ever before. The 'giants' in our analogy are not the AI itself, but 'the people who are in there', the people that made it all possible. AI raises a lot of ethical and moral questions about privacy and rights issues, for example. But even when we look at it from this narrow perspective, only a tiny few have got it right. Nothing is as it seems.

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