How accessibility goes hand in hand with UX

Frank van Eldijk-Smeding, Software Consultant & Accessibility Advocate - iO

Frank van Eldijk-Smeding, Software Consultant & Accessibility Advocate - iO
Room 4

Frank is a versatile software consultant with experience on both sides of development. Starting out as a business analyst, he grew to become a product owner leading a team of his own team. Having explored IT as a full stack developer he eventually found – and stuck to – his passion for design, UX and accessibility as a software consultant. Today, he’s especially passionate about making the web accessible to everyone, acting as an accessibility advocate by writing articles, coaching others and giving presentations. Recently, he passed the IAAP CPACC exams, further enabling him to spread his accessibility expertise.

About the talk

Accessibility improves the usability for everyone. When products and services are designed with accessibility in mind, they become easier to use for everyone. As companies continue to invest in user experience design, accessibility must be a critical component of that effort. By ensuring that their products are accessible to all users, companies create a more inclusive and smooth user experience, improve their brand reputation, and ultimately drive more revenue. Being inclusive, which means being accessible, is the key to servicing your users right in the Fluid Future.

In this talk, Frank explains how and why accessibility goes hand in hand with UX, the impact it has on the customer’s experience and how you can use it to enhance and maintain user experiences.

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