Grandma can't drive her Ferrari: how your organisation can embrace technology through Capability Building

Geert Bullens, Capability Architect - iO

Geert Bullens - iO
Room 4

Capability builder Geert Bullens has been a fixture at iO for 10 years. During this time, he has built countless business capabilities for organisations and medium-sized enterprises. Staying true to his characteristic 'Ferrari driving grandma' analogy, he helps companies understand the importance of looking beyond technology alone, towards organisational design and business adoption. In his own words, who wants to end up with a dusty Ferrari in the garage? Nobody, right?

About the talk

As an organisation, how do you deal with internal resistance to new technologies? The Fluid Future is full of new business models designed to be agile. These are enhanced by technological innovation, and for this, successful implementation is a key requirement. Are you giving this step enough attention? Then you encounter internal resistance. How do you make it clear to internal teams that this innovation is good for them and their organisation, and will make their day-to-day operations better? Change management has never been more important and an absolute must for those who want to achieve impact.

This talk is for anyone who wants to be ready for the future, helped by the right technology. Organisations can only do this if technologies are adopted as capabilities. Capability building, in other words, ready for whatever the future brings.

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