Get the most out of your development budget: maximum value and predictability

Wesley Kloppenburg, Global Director eBusiness - Landal GreenParks)

Wesley Kloppenburg - Landal Greenparks
Room 2

Every day at Landal GreenParks is an opportunity for Wesley to work on his greatest passion: developing people, teams and organisations. After successful stints at Procter & Gamble and Jacobs Douwe Egberts, today Landal is the scene of Wesley's people-centred vision, strategies and ability to make the right critical, business choices. The result: teams that excel, like they should.

About the talk

The global pandemic caused an unprecedented shift in the holiday needs of the Dutch population. The number of reservations for accommodation in the Netherlands skyrocketed and that caused a peak in requests at Landal GreenParks  – and created an urgent need to improve the digital platform. How do you keep a grip on an unexpected development process, now and in a fluid future?

With the establishment of journey teams, portfolio processes and the introduction of epic validations and joint OKRs.

During our talk we will discuss this unique collaboration between iO and Landal GreenParks, at a time when everything dramatically changed in a short time and the expectations remained sky high. How do you build a journey team? How do you guarantee value and predictability? Just a few questions we answer at the Opportunity Summit.

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