Generative AI: the future of customer experience?

Vince Liem, Software Consultant - iO

Vince Liem - iO
Room 3

Software consultant Vince has a thing for AI. At a young age, he discovered his love - and talent - for programming. Today, (generative) AI definitely has his attention. It did when GPT-3 appeared on the scene in 2022. Today, he helps fellow developers at iO become future-proofed using his knowledge of AI. Vince's guilty pleasure: creating AI-generated art with open-source platform Stable Diffusion.

About the talk

AI is everywhere. Schoolchildren are writing texts with it, artists create lifelike art and, as users, we ask bots any question that comes to mind. Generative AI is the latest wind blowing through the digital world and the next technological innovation, to be used to improve the customer experience for both customers and end users. How do you personalise using AI? How do you automate customer service? And what ethical considerations do you best keep in mind? But - importantly and relevantly - how do you leverage generative AI to be ready for the Fluid Future?

During this talk, I explore how generative AI can make the customer experience better, more personal and user-friendly - as well as how it can help organisations adapt to the future, ethically and effectively.

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