Composable architecture: a future-proof boost for business

Rob Habraken, Technology Director - iO

Rob Habraken
Room 2

With a background as a software engineer and 20 years of experience in the development and application of Digital Experience Platforms in complex environments, Rob Habraken focuses daily on coaching development teams, setting up architectures on new platforms and migration projects and customer consulting around technology and innovation. Rob is a regular speaker at conferences and has been named a Sitecore Technology MVP no less than 8 times.

About the talk

The call for flexibility in the digital world is more topical than ever, especially when it comes to setting up and maintaining future-proof platforms. Our tip for flexible and scalable digital platforms: composable architectures. What makes a composable architecture a key building block for success in that Fluid Future that awaits you and your digital landscape? Why and when should you make the choice? What does a composable transition look like and - not unimportantly - how do you get started?

In my talk, I'll take you through everything involved in a composable architecture and you'll go home with insights you can start working on right away.

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