Generative AI: machines with imagination

Jarno Duursma - Speaker & Trend Watcher

Jarno Duursma - trend watcher & speaker
Plenary session

Jarno Duursma is an independent technology expert, publicist, researcher and speaker in the field of digital technology. He has written four books, on artificial intelligence, creative machines, deepfake technology and blockchain. Jarno can often be seen in daily newspapers and national media such as EenVandaag, NOS, RTL4. He writes opinion articles for FD, NRC and Volkskrant, among others. He is creator of the 'listening to the future' tech podcast and the 'Trending in Tech' newsletter..

About the talk

Since ChatGPT took the world by storm, everybody knows that artificial intelligence software can help us to find new perspectives, ideas, angles. Now smart software is both our cognitive and creative assistant. Machines with imagination. What are they? What can you do with them? What are the limitations? And what are the ethical considerations? Jarno will share his insights in this presentation.