Keynote: Teams, technology & innovation in the Fluid Future

Dr. Eva de Mol, investor & entrepreneur

Keynote: Eva de Mol
Plenary session

An investor in tech startups, Dr Eva de Mol can be found speaking to entrepreneurs, investors and experts daily, mainly as the founder of CapitalT, the first and largest investment fund in technology startups in the Netherlands. Today, she has a portfolio of more than 25 investments in digital technology and AI to her name. She continuously resides in the top 10 female entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, publishes in the Harvard Business Review and Forbes, and maintains a regular column in Quote. Eva champions diversity in technology and entrepreneurship and shares her unique expertise with everyone: how to foster inclusive ecosystems. 

About the keynote

Technology already leaves its mark on every aspect of our lives and will continue to do so long into the Fluid Future. In times of AI revolution, smart bots and ChatGPT-like language technology, how do we keep innovating as individuals? How do we keep the fire burning to come up with new ideas and eventually build on them as well? And – finally - what makes a successful team in these exciting times? Dr. Eva de Mol has devoted her PhD research entirely to discovering the answer to this important question.  

In her keynote talk at iO’s Opportunity Summit, Eva will demonstrate the key characteristics of successful innovators and take you through a fascinating decade of scientific research in a joyful manner.