Create customised user experiences with persona and journey research

Persona research

Whatever sector your organisation is a part of, it’s always important to reach the right people. To ensure that those people come into contact with your organisation, you can create a suitable customer journey for your users by relying on in-depth research on personas and customer journeys.

  • Find the best channels to reach your customers

  • Optimise your brand strategy

  • Customers journey analysis

  • Meet the expectations of your customers

What do we do?

iO houses experts in technology, strategy, content, and marketing. In other words: we have all the knowledge, experience and talent to help you with your persona and journey research. And so much more.

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The importance of persona & journey research

Persona and journey research will give you an idea of what your perfect customer looks like – and what kind of customer journey they go through. You can align your marketing and communication decisions with this semi-fictional profile.

This will help you build a marketing strategy that makes high-value visitors, leads and customers go for your products or services time and time again. Something the iO experts can help you with.

We have a large team of diverse experts with years of experience in various fields. They are the reason why we can build relevant, customer journeys tailored to your users. But we also have the know-how to validate those customer journeys both internally and externally with market research and user testing.

We’re saying goodbye to journeys and personas based on assumptions for good – it’s time for substantiated, thoroughly tested journeys and personas based on data and in-depth research.

Working on UX

How a customer journey leads to relevant content

By mapping out the customer journey, you can gain insight into the way people reach your services or products.

And when you know which content those people need in every stage of the customer journey, you can easily give them that relevant content.

This way, your organisation can stay top of mind and your core message will always reach the right target audience.

Clients we’ve helped with persona & journey research:

MSD Animal Health
Avans Hogeschool
Volvo - iO
Our most recent Persona Journey research projects
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Why iO?

Working with iO means you’re working with a real end-to-end partner. After all, we offer our expertise in marketing, technology, strategy, and content at all our campuses – everything you need to score digitally.

That means we won’t just take care of your persona & journey research, but we also help you:

  • apply insights from persona and journey research;

  • attract new customers without neglecting your existing customers;

  • build a strong reputation with creative campaigns that fit your brand story;

  • turn your digital dreams into reality.

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