How do you build a community with an online content hub?

For MediaMarkt, we developed a blog that serves as a content hub, bridging the gap between the content and the products in the webshop. The online content is neatly integrated with that of the offline magazine Mediazine.

Integration with FeedEngage

Mediazine journalists write their articles for the printed magazine in FeedEngage. The content hub retrieves the articles from FeedEngage and imports them automatically into WordPress using predefined templates, including SEO tags.

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Increase engagement and conversion on the website.


Build a content hub that bridges the gap between content on the website and products in the webshop.

About MediaMarkt

Since its inception in 1979, MediaMarkt has grown to become the largest electrical specialist retailer in Europe. The originally German chain now has more than 800 shops (30 of which are in Belgium) and continues to grow.

Total freedom for post creation via PageBuilder

The number of rows and columns in a post is completely customisable, as is the layout. The author can easily choose where to place text and photos using a block system. They can choose from various customised widgets:

  • Products, linked to the shop

  • Quotes

  • Videos

  • Calls-to-action

Mobile first

The content hub was developed on the principle of mobile first. The carousels are dynamically adjusted to be displayed optimally when the site is viewed on a mobile device. We provided a specific footer for mobile where the progression bar is displayed nicely during reading.

Link with the shop

The blog has a direct link to MediaMarkt's online shop, so that product references in the articles are always accompanied by the right picture and the right price. Different paragraph types display the products, for example, in a carousel, two or three columns or as a product in the spotlight.

Link with the CRM

We also integrated a link with MediaMarkt's CRM system. This way, they can easily follow up on their newsletter subscriptions and segment their visitors based on their reading behaviour.

Extra bonuses

A few nice details:

  • Estimated reading time for each article

  • Dynamic tab title when the tab is inactive

  • Two pop-ups to quickly go to the previous and next article

  • Small animations to liven up the site

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Yannick de Bievre Mediamarkt iO

Yannick de Bièvre, Marketing director Benelux

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