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Launching platforms isn’t the finish line, it’s the start of an in-depth, iterative process. With webmastering and optimisation, you can test the experience in real life. With the generated data, you will continuously improve your platform, including a nice return.

The star of the show with webmastering and optimisation – even after launching

Webmastering is essentially the permanent aftercare you give your platform post-launch. A platform is only as successful as the way you implement it. By paying attention to basics like typography, layout, health (404s, redirects), readability and accessibility, you can help your platform reach its full potential.

This approach really delivers when you support it with (data-driven) optimisation: continuous improvement of your platform by removing errors, testing it and improving it. This focus inspires sustainable growth.

Everyone wins with a strong focus on webmastering and optimisation

The end user gets a seamless online experience thanks to a flawless, accessible, user-friendly, personalised and fast platform. As an organisation, you benefit from a lower bounce rate, lower abandonment rate and a higher conversion rate. To achieve all of this, our experts rely on a set of important principles.

  • Optimise objectively. Letting your gut feeling guide you when you optimise your website is risky and could lead to opposite results. Data is objective and leans on the direct experience the end user has.

  • What real need do we want to fulfil for the user with a certain optimisation? Always start with a specific question and avoid guessing when you’re making improvements.

  • As an organisation, you move from milestone to milestone and focus on KPIs. Allow your digital platforms to be a part of that, so you can optimise and improve while following a clear, incremental plan that matches your organisation’s goals.

  • Investing in channels only makes sense when your digital presence is up to par. So, consider your digital ecosystem and how you can improve it first before you set up any new channels.

  • Are your platforms managed and optimised constantly? That can benefit life expectancy, as well. The result? A lower total cost of ownership and a higher ROI for your online investments.

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You, too, can optimise – with the right expert to guide you

The quickest way to get continuous, exponential growth for your platform is to assemble a dedicated team of digital experts instead of relying on a single in-house webmaster. At iO, we have the experts you need for webmastering, UX, development, CRO and marketing to not just aim for continuous success but to celebrate it as well.

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