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Our experts will take a closer look at your website. Do you know what the key contact or interaction moments on your website are? How well do they work? Is there room for improvement? We answer these questions — and more — with a CRO scan. Get the answers to key CRO questions:

  1. How can you improve the number of visitors to your website?

  2. Does your message connect with the audience you want to reach?

  3. Can the visitor reach their goal easily?

  4. Is the action clear to the visitor?

  5. Where do people drop off?

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What is a CRO scan?

A CRO scan is a comprehensive evaluation of your website, online shop, or mobile app. In this evaluation, we identify areas for improvement and opportunities to increase conversions.

Such a scan gives you valuable insights into the user experience and online behaviour of your visitors — allowing you to make data-driven decisions to maximise conversions. A CRO scan can lead to increased usability, and that will please both your organisation and your customers.

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Is a scan like this interesting for me?

Do you want more insight into your visitors' behaviour? Do you want concrete, data-driven points to guide that behaviour? If so, a CRO scan could be of interest to you. With a CRO scan:

  • You put your visitors first;

  • You get more return from your current website traffic;

  • You remove uncertainties from your customers of today and tomorrow.

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