Purpose marketing: making an impact

Consumers expect brands to take a stand. How does your organisation feel about the climate crisis? About systematic discrimination? The younger generations’ buyer behaviour is partially based on your organisation’s opinions. In other words, it’s about time you started focusing on purpose marketing.

What is purpose marketing?

You can prepare your organisation for tomorrow’s consumer in different ways. You could go for a digital transformation, have a rigid focus on your customer, improve the quality of your products or services.

But you could also focus on purpose – and that goes beyond CSR. Purpose isn’t just about what you do, but about how you do it. It’s about the value you add to society as an enterprise. It’s an ideal that’s ingrained in your brand, a goal you actively work towards.

In short, purpose marketing is:

  • commit yourself to a social theme…

  • that fits your brand values and vision…

  • for the right reasons …

  • not to make a profit.

Everything about social positioning

In our whitepaper, you’ll find out how to take a stand and how to attract the right people with it.

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What do we do?

At iO, we have a plethora of experts: technical talent, strategic superheroes, creative canons and magnificent marketers. Those experts will all come together to help you with purpose marketing and more.

Getting started with purpose marketing?

Our strategists and marketers would be happy to help.


Why iO?

By working with iO, you get all the benefits of an end-to-end partnership. That means that we’ll take every worry off your hands – from strategy to content, from technology to marketing.

Our experts are not just great at setting up and executing strategies. They also ensure that:

  • you have a reliable sparring partner to talk about your purpose;

  • your organisation builds a strong reputation with healthy business results;

  • your purpose is aligned with your company’s identity;

  • your purpose isn’t just a bunch of empty words, but is translated into meaningful actions.

How can we help with your marketing?