Measurement and attribution: reaching your target audience in a more efficient way

Most marketers check their numbers regularly. But interpreting the numbers correctly and drawing the right conclusions, isn’t always that simple. Attribution is often a tricky thing. Whether you go for multi-touch attribution, lift studies, time decay or a different attribution model – we will help your organisation in taking the next step concerning measurement and attribution.

Why do measurement and attribution matter?

To measure your marketing success, you need the right knowledge and tools. It’s the only way to find out which actions influence people to take action themselves and it can prove to you that your marketing investments and efforts are valuable.

Measurement and attribution are critical steps in quantifying your marketing success.

What do we do at iO?

Our experts will deliver an end-to-end service – from strategy to marketing and from technology to creative content. When it comes to measurement and attribution, you can expect the following:

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Why iO?

Choosing iO means you’re choosing an end-to-end partner. A partner that takes care of all your marketing, technology, strategy and content needs.

Our broad knowledge goes in deep: our experts have a thorough knowledge of their respective fields and they are all ready to take organisations like yours to the next level.

At iO, you’ll find over 150 marketers waiting to share their knowledge of measurement and attribution with you.

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