Dashboarding and visualisation: discover hidden insights in your data

A marketing dashboard shows you the data that matters most to your organisation at a glance. At iO, we build best-practice dashboards tailored to your organisation and we are happy to help you with further personalisations, interpretations and hands-on advice.

Both within our creative industry and beyond, big data has a huge impact.

Our experts are visual storytellers – no matter if officially they’re called marketing strategists, digital marketers or data analysts – who help organisations from all industries translate data into insights.

Why do dashboarding and visualisation matter?

Big data is here to stay. In a world where everyone has access to data, it’s important to draw the right conclusions from your data.

And that is exactly what dashboarding and visualisation do – whether in a table, bar chart, or complex visualisation – they help you interpret enormous amounts of abstract data.

With data storytelling, we expose the insights that are hidden in your data and we make an impact on your organisation, customers and sales.

This way, organisations like yours make the right decisions, leading to smoother processes, stronger connections to your customers and leads and sustainable growth.

How will iO help you with dashboarding and visualisation?

Our experts interpret your data and present the relevant insights visually in a clear dashboard. We use tools such as Google Data Studio, Tableau and Power BI to do so.

We aren’t just helping you tick KPI boxes – we’re giving you clear insights that will help your organisation move forward.

Getting started with dashboarding and visualisation?

Our experts will happily lead the way.


Why iO?

With iO, you get to rely on an end-to-end partner. Hundreds of experts in marketing, technology, strategy and content are there for you every day to tackle your business challenges with you.

Our broad knowledge goes in deep: we have over 150 marketers ready to help you grow with their dashboarding and visualisation expertise.

Request your data audit now.

Which dashboarding and reports are already in circulation? Which must-haves are missing, keeping your organisation from making the right decisions? Our experts will help you find out.

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