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As a manager or marketeer, how do you make the right targeted, data-driven decisions? By relying on clear data. It allows you to measure performance and make objective decisions. In this way, you can (better) define your KPIs and targets — and have objective arguments for adjusting your strategy.

Data as a key ingredient for clear, efficient, data-driven decisions

Our experts translate the right insights from research into concrete improvements and implement them. This in turn leads to higher revenues and profit margins, improved efficiency, increased brand relevance and greater brand awareness, among other things.

Data as your marketing compass

What do you want to achieve? Where, how and when do you want to achieve it? And how do you do it today? The right data is objective, honest and vital for result-oriented marketing.

  • We align your marketing with your business goals, as well as your media mix with your brand goals.

  • We make your data complete, accurate and reliable.

  • We map out the risks and possibilities of your technological choices, in accordance with existing rules and regulations.

  • We use maturity scoring to future-proof your marketing organisation.

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"Knowledge is power and data is the new gold. Targeted research and efficient auditing offer decisive arguments in the search for what really works for your brand."

Thorough research, connected with the marketing mix

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Auditing and research, part of a bigger picture

At iO, we're not running a market research company, not in the least because auditing and research only become valuable as part of the overall approach. Are you aiming for an optimised customer experience? Then auditing and research have an important role to play — for data that can be consulted at every step.

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