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We believe in the potential of audio on demand, especially for brands. Audio comes in many forms and podcasts are one of them. Branded podcasts can make all the difference for brands. Creating a strong, branded podcast starts with finding the most compelling stories, identifying the right format, and selecting the most convenient release frequency. In short: a podcast strategy.

Why podcasting?

Branded podcasts are rock-solid podcasts, made by brands. Not to deliver, but to entertain, inform or inspire.

A podcast gives your brand the opportunity to deep dive into a specific topic with relevant, expert guests. Podcasts are an interesting blend of content marketing and communication.

The branded audio content market is a growing market, but unlike branded TV content, it’s not the media operators that are in the lead now, it’s the brands. Brands determine the form and content of their podcasts, and can thus build their brand, without being dependent on others.

We believe in the branded podcast format because it’s proven, and it works. It gives focus, provides your brand with recognition from your target group and makes space for creativity and entertainment. You can also easily embed formatted branded podcasts into your brand and content strategy.

Format examples:

Why choose iO?

1. iO Branded Podcasts

We work with brands. A lot of podcast creators are good at content but aren’t good at developing content that fits in with their brand and brand strategy.

We provide strategies that embed the podcast in your brand’s complete (content) marketing story. A podcast never stands alone.

We provide consistency of design. A podcast is more than just an audio product, it’s available in numerous environments, so the title, the design, the brand link is crucial.

The price-performance ratio must be substantial. Naturally, the return has to be higher than the investment.

2. Focus on expertise

iO is an expert in the fields of content marketing and building brands. Specialists who understand the big picture. They know what brands want and know how to reach your target group.

One of our specialisms is audio on demand. Thanks to our years of experience in devising and producing podcasts, we know exactly what works and what doesn't, how to translate brand questions into podcasts and how we can help brands grow by using branded podcasts. We have audio specialists, podcast makers, editors, sound engineers, journalists, and presenters in-house. They are content-driven, ready to create the best podcasts for your brand.

3. End-to-end

(from concept to distribution & promotion) iO has experience at every stage in the podcast process. We will design a branded podcast strategy that fits your brand and then create the podcast series from A to Z.

We work with the A-B-C-D model of podcast production. We approach every podcast question with this method, so that we can develop a solid, creative podcast concept

  • The A of Audio Domain - Where are the opportunities? Where can you score? What makes your brand stand out? The strategic basis of your podcast starts with determining your domain, your target group, your objectives, a competitive analysis and how your audio content will fit in your brand story.

  • The B of Branded Podcast Story – What is your story? What do you want to say? What is your target group waiting for? What do they need? Do they have questions that need answers? All important factors for consideration before we consider form and content.

  • The C of Creative Translation - In other words: it’s all about the content. Developing the strategy and your story into creative podcast series. In podcasts everything is possible: an in-depth interview in the studio, reportage in search for answers or a game wrapped in audio. There is something to be said for each form, as long as your brands goals have been identified and can be achieved.

  • The D of Distribution & Promotion - Which channels do your target group use? Branded podcasts require a distribution plan. This can be stimulated by social media campaigns (with the help of teasers, for example) or in your own channels such as newsletters. But it’s never just a podcast. DON'T FORGET: Is there any other content (articles, tools, video) that can be created or added to?

Some of our podcast clients

Kamp Amersfoort - The Disappearing SS Commander (release 4 October 2022)

iO and the National Monument Kamp Amersfoort present the podcast: The Disappearing SS Commander. The search for the SS camp commander Walter Heinrich of Kamp Amersfoort.

Heinrich is a war criminal, a mass murderer, and the founder of one of the most gruesome concentration camps in the Netherlands during World War II. In February 1945 Walter Heinrich disappeared without a trace. What happened to him? In this podcast, podcast maker Jordy Hubers and Floris van Dijk, Head of Research at National Monument Kamp Amersfoort, go in search of the answer. Retracing his steps to reveal some surprising discoveries.

UWV - In Perspective

For people that are – for whatever reason – unfamiliar with the labour market, having a job is the best thing there is. You matter and a bright future looms on the horizon. The podcast In Perspectief – In search of happiness at work, revolves around the stories and experience of people that receive the WIA or Wajong benefit.

Florius – Interest Cast

Rentecast is a podcast for mortgage advisors. In Rentecast we discuss the mortgage interest rate expectations with Philip Bokeloh, senior economist at ABN AMRO's economic bureau. Are they rising? Are they falling? Short term? Long term? Historical perspectives? Everything comes you need to provide your customers with advice and answer their questions.

ABN AMRO MeesPierson - Corona and the impact on entrepreneurs

March 2020. A moment of great uncertainty. What was this chaos that we found ourselves in? At the start of the pandemic, from an attic room, with ramshackle video call connections, we interviewed an entrepreneur every day. A podcast about the impact of the corona pandemic on their business, and what tips they have for fellow entrepreneurs.

My First Company

In My First Company we follow Viviënne Sluman, a young ambitious student who wants to start her own business, a fashion brand for men. She talks to the people in her social circle. What do her parents and friends think about her wanting to start her own business? Can they help her bring clarity to her idea? Are they protecting her from any risks? And what's the next step once you’ve defined your idea? Her podcast tracks her progress as she talks to entrepreneurs, banks, accountants, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Do you want to know more about getting started with podcasts?

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Our own podcasts

Infinite Opportunities podcast

Of course, we also put theory into practice for our own podcast: Infinite Opportunities. In this podcast, we feature experts from within and outside iO talking about digital transformation, innovation, the future of marketing, and much more.

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