Protect yourself with a technology & security audit

Digital platforms and tools are essential parts of your daily operations. Not only do they co-determine whether you get to remain operational as an organisation, they often contain sensitive data. So, is the digital security of these tools via patches, updates and secure development not a priority? Are you struggling with high technical debt - an affair both dangerous and costly? Are your platforms slowly embracing End-of-Life status? And last but not least, can you say with certainty that your applications were developed SDLC-proof?

For all these reasons and more, side with a technology & security audit. This audit identifies risks in your tech stack. Our experts also take a closer look at your GDPR status; is your data properly secured and do you adhere to best practices surrounding data retention and exchange? In the end, keeping your tech stack up-to-date, secure and built according to market standards is indispensable for your business operations.

When security is of vital importance

The technology we rely on is constantly changing. Thanks to the constant stream of improvements we handle ourselves through regular updates, patches and new versions of software. We also add new tools to the way we work on the regular. Unfortunately, the same goes for cyber criminals, who are equally quick to expand their mischievous knowledge and technology to support their illegal activities. In fact, we can even say that remaining still literally means taking a step back in this regard.

This explains why our security tech - vital to your organisation and with good reason - deserves attention, even more than other tools given the importance of digital security and data protection. Audits are efficient ways to address this.

A technology & security audit leaves you with several things:

  • A focused evaluation of the security tools and technologies used by your organisation, followed by insights, advice and the appropriate next steps;

  • A clear overview of the weaknesses, vulnerabilities and security risks in your digital systems;

  • A keen eye for new security tools and platforms, possibly of great value in maintaining your digital protection and defence;

  • Implementing SLDC into your processes and your organisation;

  • Detailed checks of your security controls, as well as regulatory compliance and SOC management.

Time for a thorough technology & security audit?

So much expertise, so many tools and questions – where to begin? Luckily, our experts share their knowledge with the world every day. That’s why our blog may just be the perfect place to start your search.


Why iO?

At iO, you can count on an end-to-end partner. That means that we take care of everything, from copywriting and design to reporting and optimisations.

Our experts deliver strong technology & security audits, but we also care about other factors, such as:

  • Your brand and brand experience;

  • Data and segmentation strategies to build your digital business;

  • Integrations with your tech stack (company systems, ad platforms, etc.).

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