Platform & tooling audit: test your tech, tools, tracking and touchpoints against the highest standards

Tools are rarely a set, permanent part of an organisation’s marketing approach. Do you have a clear vision when it comes to tooling? One that focuses on an integrated, monolithic marketing platform – or do you prefer a composable reality that combines the very best of best-of-breed and best-of-suite? Could you use some more features or can you save some money by replacing irrelevant tracking technology? Our experts will show you where your tooling, user journey, tracking and tagging are at and benchmark them with the current standards and your own goals in mind.

The potential of every platform

Our tools are subject to change, including the impact on the user journey. As marketers, we regularly add new tools to our way of working – which helps us learn constantly. But we also pay attention to our existing platforms and tools. After all, the organisation trusts them for a reason. Audits are efficient ways to handle this. A platform and tooling audit holds many benefits:

  • Targeted evaluations of your technology, including recommendations to utlise their full potential and (new) features;

  • A clear plan to guarantee the quality of each platform in the long run;

  • Insights that help management take the right decisions on long-term investments;

  • A critical look at new tools and platforms that can help you reach your goals.

What to expect from iO’s platform & tooling audit

Auditing is a particular skill – one our experts have mastered completely. Because of their knowledge as marketers and technology specialists, they know what to focus on and what your organisation needs. You can find some of the audits they can help you with here:

Time for a thorough audit of your platforms and tools?

So much expertise, so many tools and questions – where to begin? Luckily, our experts share their knowledge with the world on a daily basis. That’s why our blog is a great way to start your search.


Why iO?

At iO, you can rely on an end-to-end partner. That means that we’ll take care of your every need, from copywriting and design to reporting and optimisations.

Our experts make sure that we’re great at platform and tooling audits, but we also care about:

  • Your brand and brand experience;

  • Data and segmentation strategies to build your digital business;

  • Integrations with your tech stack (company systems, ad platforms, etc.).

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