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At iO, we're not running a market research company, not in the least because auditing and research only become valuable as part of the overall approach. Are you aiming for an optimised customer experience? Then auditing and research have an important role to play — for data that can be consulted at every step.

Thorough research, connected with the marketing mix

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Why in-depth research and data analysis matter

At iO, we like clear data, relevant insights and cold, hard facts. Research is our starting point for a fitting strategy and the creative execution thereof. We support organisations with competitor research, customer research, benchmarking, trend monitoring and everything in between.

Our data analyses are simple when they can be, and in-depth when they need to be. But, if anything, the insights are always easy to grasp and relevant to the stakeholders who will be working with them daily.

  • Research isn’t just the starting point – it’s a constant process that relies on progressing insight to adjust the course where necessary.

  • From simple analytics and dashboarding to extensive media analyses, footprint analyses, and even complex data mining and modelling: our experts are happy to help.

  • Our journey doesn’t end with delivering a dashboard. We are always taking it one step further, providing the right interpretations and recommendations.

  • We’re always looking for relevant data sources to find new insights for your organisation.

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