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Digital marketplaces can help you grow your offering’s user base and increase visibility, performance and revenue. Whether you’re just starting your marketplace adventure, or looking for expertise along the way, our end-to-end service takes care of your marketplace strategy - and its execution.

Why modern marketplace marketing matters

What we can do for you and your customers

Both common marketplaces (Amazon, and lesser-known niche marketplaces (ManoMano) have the world to offer your business and avoiding them can even cause considerable damage. However, going beyond simply adding your product and incorporating various modern marketing practices instead can make digital marketplaces the most efficient channels around. To all brand managers, online marketers and brand strategists: marketplaces should always be part of your brand strategy.

Digital marketplaces: here to stay

Some things to keep in mind

Digital marketplaces have become pillars of online shopping. Consumers rely on them for product research, comparing prices, and buying the products they need or want. Ensuring they work for your business means making for brand consistency and truly understanding their inner workings. We’re confident that their power will only keep on growing, seeing the rise of new marketplaces (Leenbakker, Mediamarkt and Decathlon) and the increasing focus on marketplace media and advertising opportunities.

Our marketplace methods

Proper marketplace strategy

Which marketplace works best for you? How do they differ in terms of commissions, promotion, and reseller control? A marketplace strategy acts as your compass throughout this journey, be it domestic or international.

Relevant SEO practices

Search marketing is at home in marketplaces, not just in search engines. Getting your product detail pages in line with SEO is nothing but the first step towards added visibility.

The art of marketplace ads

Just like other web disciplines, modern marketplaces rely on a myriad of algorithms, advertising and building blocks for you to uncover and apply. Your reward? Being the first to show your product.

Brand consistency

Thorough brand consistency starts with brand registry. Getting your offering precise and consistent across marketplaces is our key to your success.

Find your place in marketplaces

We’ll happily introduce you to the marketplaces where your audience is waiting. High time we facilitate such a one-on-one?

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Skills we use to get you marketplace-ready

For all your competition knows, marketplace marketing is still a fresh, new branch of marketing. At iO, we have the experts with us who’ve been perfecting their marketplace expertise for a while now. They assist your business case with the proper words, practices, strategy, and advertisements – as well as much, much more.

  • Strategy

    Our experts go truly end-to-end, from market entry to always-on campaigns, thanks to their in-depth knowledge and experience with marketplaces. They assist you in defining a marketplace strategy, uncovering your own potential, as well as new markets and channels.

  • Setup & integration

    Regardless of your size or offering, we help you set up your account, find the right integrator and assist in automating the processes so they cater to your way of working and practicing e-commerce. Throughout our work, we’ll continue adding tricks and tweaks meant to make your marketing presence truly yours.

  • Brand presentation

    Your brand deserves the marketplace spotlights. We’ll build your brand on marketplaces, make sure each one of your product detail pages works best in terms of SEO and create and translate content to fit the bigger picture. We’ll even take charge of your A+ Content or Brand Story if Amazon’s where you should go next.

  • Brand promotion

    Has the time come to show off your product offering? Count on our experts to handle advertising and product promotion, thanks to their experience and knowhow regarding brand promotion on marketplaces. Being certified to do so by Amazon and, we know how to get it right.

  • Brand performance

    Next to bringing your products to the world of digital practices, we work even harder at measuring how they perform. Our experts set KPI’s that are both realistic and ambitious at the same time and offer advice on when and where to adjust for long-term successes.

  • Marketplace relationships

    We believe working together is the key to success and luckily, we’re not the only ones to think so. As acknowledgement for our work and dedication, we have gained the trust of marketplace partners like (Gold partner), Amazon ads, ChannelEngine, Channable & EffectConnect.

How can we be of service?

Already well aware of your needs? Or do you have a specific question in mind? Let us know using or pay one of our campuses a visit!