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Sparking interaction with your audience, maximising your digital performance or enhancing lead generation … We make sure you obtain exactly the right data to continue a meaningful and relevant interaction with your customers. Adding the creativity your campaign or project needs to really stand out.

Analyse, then act

For us, smart data collection and a well-founded strategy are the alpha and omega of any growth-inducing marketing and performance strategy. It also allows us to know your customers inside and out. So we can deliver them the creative content, ads, campaigns or projects they need to engage with you. Therefore, we regularly take a step back to analyse results and make deliberate adjustments - where needed.

Know your data, grow your business

Our recipe for effective full funnel marketing

Discover how - step by step - we use data and creativity to forge a lasting emotional bond with your audience.

Dig for data

You see raw data, we see catalysts for actionable insights. The better we analyse real time data streams, the more relevant your campaigns will be and the closer you get to improving your marketing and sales ROI.

Think strategy

Sure, a successful project or campaign means ticking all the KPI-boxes. But instead of just thinking in terms of campaigns, channels or tactics, we think about long term strategies and data engineering. Only then do we roll out an always-on roadmap geared towards the desired impact.

Create to connect

To grow smartly, you need to offer your audience the chance to connect emotionally with you. Our creatives team up with our online marketers to deliver the concept, content and campaigns that contribute to the love for your brand.

Run, reflect, adapt. Repeat

Let's get your marketing and sales campaigns performing above par. To that end, we outline an agile roadmap - covering every phase of the funnel and using the relevant media. Analysing collected data, we optimise your campaign as it runs to meet your KPI's.

We can help you with

Auditing & Research

Digital strategy

Creation and content production

Insights and optimisation

Digital marketing and advertising

"When put to intelligent use, the data you collect through marketing actions will drive growth. Let's engineer a strategy together."

Jacob Eeckhout

Jacob Eeckhout, Lead Center of Excellence - Marketing

Our infinite insights

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  • Woman working with VR goggles


    Why challenging the status quo is an excellent innovation strategy

    Today, even innovation and transformation processes are highly subject to innovation and transformation. Uilke Duinstra, innovation strategist at the Utrecht campus of iO, is getting more and more questions from customers like: “We are a mobility company, but we also want to enter the energy market. How do we do that?” or “We are a B2B company, but how do we also become B2C?” More generally, it concerns questions such as “How can we develop relevant new services step by step, without immediately plunging into a multimillion-dollar project we’re not sure will work at all?” These kinds of issues, which show that domains and sectors are increasingly fading, require a new approach to innovation processes.
  • people attending a presentation


    How a good personalisation strategy leads to a better customer experience

    Most (digital) marketers are very aware of the impact that the customer’s perception of their contact environment – customer experience - has on the experience and the purchasing behaviour of their customers. At iO, we notice that we are being asked more frequently to make the customer experience richer through personalisation. We are all familiar with the examples of personalisation used by Netflix and Facebook, but that level of personalisation is not for everyone. What can you do now and how do you develop an effective personalisation strategy?
  • blog-trek_meer_klanten_aan_met_een_omnichannel_strategie-header


    Attract more customers with an efficient omnichannel strategy

    Is your business both online and offline? Then an efficient omnichannel strategy is indispensable for growing your business, but how exactly do you do that?

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