15 tips to make your marketing and digitisation budget for 2024 smarter


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The 2023 summer holidays are behind us and it's time for organisations to set their budgets for 2024. And that is often a more difficult task than we would like to admit.  

We wouldn't be iO if we hadn't come up with anything to help you with that tedious task...

Get 15 tips to make your marketing and digitisation budget for 2024 smarter

  • Have you thought of everything? A handy checklist

  • Calculation sheets: our favourite budget templates

  • How do you do more with the same budget?

  • How do you use data to make decisions?

  • Which KPIs do you use to make decisions?

Get your 15 tips

In this whitepaper

Preparing your marketing budget for 2024? This white paper contains 15 tips to help you get the job done faster. Inspiration for developing your approach to next year. Insights to achieve more with the same when budgets are under pressure. And how do sell your plan to the management? This whitepaper gives you a range of approaches that you can use to create your 2024 budget.

There is more!

Just 20 seconds of fun before you start the arduous task of budgets and strategic planning? Just play our playful mini-game.

Play the minigame

In this game you’re just like Dagobert Duck, Donald's rich uncle. Your goal is to collect coins in a virtual office building. How many coins can you collect?

Minigame without text banner

Need help with your 2024 budget?

iO are here to help you to determine your budgets for 2024. Contact us if you need a helping hand. Whether you need help with your media budget,  want to embark on  a major transformation journey, or need to determine a budget in cash or in resources:  iO experts are here to help you.  

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