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Marketplace optimisation and brand registration

Pokon Naturado is the market leader in plant care for the consumer market. They offer innovative and sustainable convenience products, services and inspiration for use in the home and garden. Their brands are Pokon, KB Home Defense and RoundUp, and their range is sold through carefully selected resellers on various – digital – marketplaces, including bol.com.

They noticed a major problem: every reseller did not adhere to the correct brand guidelines regarding Pokon Naturado products on bol.com. How could Pokon Naturado take back control of the content and increase sales on bol.com? The perfect question for our marketplace marketers.

Our collaboration in numbers


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Marketplace marketing, even if you don't sell there

We started this collaboration by clearing up a serious misunderstanding: that as a non-seller you don't have to pay attention to marketplaces. Even if, like Pokon Naturado, you work with resellers to get your products to your customers, it pays to create a seller account. We advised Pokon Naturado: create your own seller account on bol.com.

Not with the aim of selling themselves, but to register the different brands onto the account. This empowered Pokon Naturado to involve its own experts more closely in the presentation of products by resellers. Any seller can offer the products of Pokon Naturado but we selected independent resellers to set up advertising campaigns from their accounts, precisely because these parties most often win the buying block, and are thus most suitable for advertising.

Because of the close ties with their offline and online partners, Pokon Naturado has the opportunity to influence 'their' marketplaces through resellers. As mentioned, not with the intention to sell themselves - and thus take sales away from their resellers - but to improve their sales figures through consistency, optimised product texts and consistent product pages. For example, Pokon have taken control of the content and the advertising is entirely at the expense of the brand owner.

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'Classic' marketing specialisms on bol.com

Now that Pokon Naturado could get to work with product details and content, we carried out extensive keyword research to provide the foundations for a content strategy. The follow-up to this strategy immediately led to a number of important actions:

  • A fixed, recognisable structure for all (product) titles, spread over the Pokon range

  • New product descriptions for every product, including relevant keywords tailored to the target group

  • A/B testing for the Pokon Power Plants range to optimise every product page down to the smallest detail.

Just like you build the spotlights for your brand every day, you use the same principle in a digital marketplace. Consistency in names and terms, SEO optimisation for all content and the right, high-quality visuals are of equal importance on a digital platform such as bol.com, not least for Pokon Naturado.

These optimisations also presented a great opportunity for Pokon to improve and streamline the authorised resellers’ product knowledge. In collaboration, we also built an innovative online presence on marketplaces with them.

Advertising was the next step after the optimisation. iO accessed the accounts and set up an advertising structure. Campaigns were created and implemented with the budget from Pokon Naturado. Where possible, we also involved the resellers in this phase - and trained some to support the advertising components of the scheme.

'In just 3 months we optimised the Pokon and KB Home Defense products on product titles, long description, keywords, images and more - and achieved the desired results. We owe that success to the expertise of iO.'

laura van dokkum

Laura van Dokkum, Trade Marketeer E-commerce Pokon Naturado

A sustainable collaboration

The optimised content, combined with the advertising efforts, quickly started to bear fruit. In just six weeks, the number of visits to the optimised product pages increased by 11%. Sales also increased by 26% in the optimised Pokon Power plants test group.

Pokon case | iO

To this day, we are continually analysing the incoming results, and carrying out the necessary tweaks and improvements.

On the customer side, the quality of the cooperation is good. In fact, based on the above results, we at iO were tasked with optimising the entire Pokon range, as we had before with the KB Home Defense products. At iO, we have been enjoying our status as a bol.com Gold Partner for some time now. This also illustrates our dedication to keeping our knowledge of bol.com as a marketplace up to date, something that we will continue to do for Pokon Naturado in the future.

Our marketplace specialists were also subsequently deployed to optimise and enrich the product pages of Pokon Naturado on Amazon.nl with additional, appropriate content.

And a green future?

As we write this, we are still adding new campaigns every month, based on detailed content calendars for Pokon Naturado. We will also continue to create and optimise pages - just like the optimisation of existing content, with a special focus on 'seasonal' product pages. As part of our collaboration with Pokon Naturado, we are in talks with various foreign branches to repeat our successes for them. To be continued……

Do you want to give your business a digital boost by taking control of your brand presentation on marketplaces? Give us a call - our specialists would love to listen to your story.

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