Front-end Developer

  • Function
    Front-end Developer
  • Campus
    Brussel, België
  • Skills
    CSS, React, JavaScript, HTML, Angular

Your role

Does the idea of developing the front-end of web applications with hundreds of thousands of users excite you? If the answer is yes, then this job is made for you. Because our Front-end Developer will program sturdy and elegant front-ends for our (international) clients.

You will ensure web products function across browsers and devices in React. And are you interested in not only front-end, but also back-end development? Then you can also contribute in that field, if you want to.

You’ll enter one or more multidisciplinary client teams at iO, where Software Developers, Architects, UX Designers, CRO Specialists, Strategists and Project Managers will support you. Together, you’ll tackle complex challenges.

At iO, knowledge lies at the centre of everything we do. That doesn’t just mean you’ll grow by taking on challenging projects in small teams. Or that you will be able to shape your personal growth independently. There are also all sorts of initiatives you will be able to participate in or that you will be allowed to organise yourself, such as trainings, conferences or workshops. You could also become a member of an Expert Group, in which you’ll find ways to innovate and develop proof of concepts with colleagues from different backgrounds.

Your qualities and skills as Front-end Developer

Will you further expand our team with your knowledge and experience? And do you already see yourself thriving at iO? Besides basic skills in JavaScript, HTML and CSS, we outlined the other techniques and/or skills you will be using:

  • You have at least 2 years of experience in front-end development; 

  • You’re slightly obsessed with TypeScript and know how to work with devtools;

  • You can rely on your basic understanding of object oriented application development;

  • Testing across browsers and devices and debugging come naturally to you;

  • You’re persistent when it comes to well-performing, -tested, -structured and clean code;

  • You know about useful front-end tools and concepts such as Cypress and BEM methodology;

  • You know what web accessibility is and you apply the proper principles.


Just drop by

Do we feel a match? Then we’ll take action right away. Starting with a meet & greet (face-to-face or virtually) – you know: first impressions and all that!

Discover your potential

That wasn’t too bad, was it? If we both have a good feeling about our first meeting, we’ll invite you for a short assessment to check how you can grow at iO. When and where it fits you, of course.

Meet your colleagues

There’s a bunch of people here who are very eager to meet you. The next time we talk, two of your potential coworkers will join us to discuss the results of your assessment.

Join us!

Are we all still excited? Congrats: it’s time to sign your contract! We’ll go over all the practicalities together and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to get started.

Welcome to your campus!

Whether you live in Stockholm, Amsterdam, or somewhere in the Flemish fields, there’s always a campus close to home. Find out where to get a job and what's great about campus life after college.

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This is what you get from us

You’re giving us your time, dedication and your talent. And we’re very grateful for it. But what do you get in return? Here’s what to expect.

  • Challenging projects

    Dive into projects that really challenge you. Are you missing specific knowledge or skills? There’s always a colleague around who’s happy to help you out.

  • A lot of satisfaction

    With more than 1500 colleagues, you’ll be surrounded by the expertise you need to ace every project and get a lot of satisfaction from your job. At the same time, your campus feels small, cozy and homely.

  • Digitally diverse

    Everyone on your team brings new perspectives, interesting insights and valuable skills to the table. This way you’re part of something much bigger than just your own skill set.

  • Tools and training

    At iO you continue to grow and learn. Training sessions on campus will help you develop skills you’d never even thought of. And with a personal training budget, you can fully develop your true potential.

  • Lunch and snacks

    A tasty lunch, prepared with care? Admit it: you’d come to the office for less. Add to that weekly fruit baskets and fresh ice cream when the weather calls for it and it’ll be hard to keep you away, won’t it?

  • An ambitious party committee

    Signed your contract? Then you’ve also signed up for Halloween dress-up parties, barbeques during 30-degree weather and our legendary Christmas party (totally optional of course!)

  • A healthy work environment

    Your physical and mental well-being matters to you – and to us just as much. Count on interesting workshops, (online) sports events on campus and a shoulder to cry on when you need it.

  • Extra facilities

    A little help goes a long way. On many of our campuses, you’ll enjoy extra facilities, so you can focus on more important matters.

Questions about this position?

Hi! I’m Apolline, Recruiter at iO, and I’m here to answer all your questions. What’s on your mind?
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