Display Specialist

  • Function
    Display Specialist
  • Campus
    Amsterdam, Nederland
  • Skills
    Adform, Programmatic campaigning, DV360, Marketing

Your role

Do you love to work with professional tools such as DV 360 and Adform?

If a client gave you some media goals, would you be able to set up a seamless strategy to reach the right target audiences? As a Programmatic Display Specialist at iO, you’ll help companies like Red Bull, Cavallaro Napoli and Tony’s Chocolonely set up and manage successful online campaigns and strategies.

You’ll work on a series of challenging projects with a team of experts. As a Programmatic Display Specialist you’ll work on setting up, optimising and analysing campaigns. Furthermore, you ensure that the technical setup (pixel implementation, reporting, Google Tag Management, Google Analytics) is in top shape for each campaign.
Your knowledge is valuable at iO. You wouldn’t want to just stay up to date, now would you? Of course, you’ll grow by tackling challenging projects with your team. But iO also offers many other opportunities to grow. For instance, you can join Expert Groups or meet-ups. And you can always organise learning opportunities yourself, if you like.

Your qualities and skills as Display Specialist

  • You have 2 or more years of experience in digital marketing and programmatic advertising in particular;

  • You’re at home in the world of DV 360 and Adform;

  • Thanks to your analytical abilities, you’re capable of conducting analyses of campaign results, target audiences and user behaviour. Presenting the results of those analyses to the client and convincing them to implement certain optimisations comes naturally to you;

  • Account management will also be part of your responsibilities, so strong schedule and project management skills are great to have;

  • You like sharing your findings with clients and know how to adjust your presentations to any knowledge level;

  • At iO, you’ll be working in an international context, which means it’s of the utmost importance that you speak and write both Dutch and English effortlessly.

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