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    Chef (5)
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    Antwerpen, België
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    Chef, HACCP

Your role

Do you have the ambition, the drive and the creative ideas to run your own kitchen?

At our brand-new campus in Ghent (The Loop), we’re still missing someone who’s able to fill our hungry bellies with delicious homemade meals. Veggie or meat, milk or soy, gluten-free or gluten-filled: as chef of your own kitchen, you know how to work with everyone’s preferences. Which is an exciting task, as over 115 colleagues will stand in line every day to get a taste of what you’ve created.

You’ll be responsible for the planning and organisation of everything that goes on in your kitchen. Starting with the mise en place of all cold and hot meals, as well as the preparation and finishing touches. In doing so, you’ll of course respect the timing, recipes and methods you’ve discussed with your person of contact on campus. You’ll also keep in mind the portion sizes of all meal components and are happy to answer questions of your colleagues about the composition of your dishes. When the meal service is over, you’re in charge of keeping your kitchen neat and clean, checking the quality of food surpluses and placing orders.

This job comes with many responsibilities, but we’re happy to trust you with all of them. You’ll get the chance to create your own menu, think of recipes from scratch and run your very own kitchen. In return, we’ll make sure you can keep on growing as a chef, thanks to your personal training budget. Because not only do we know that’s important to you, it’s a win-win: we get a taste of everything you learn!

Your qualities and skills as Chef (5)

  • You’ve got a degree as a chef or you’ve had an education at a hotel and catering school or have experience working in a professional kitchen;

  • You’re aware of the HACCP standards and major food allergens;

  • For now, you’ll work by yourself and run your own kitchen. This is something you’re very excited about;

  • You’re good at planning, but you also have many ideas. Both the practical and creative side of this job interest you;

  • Order and hygiene, as well as the quality of your ingredients, are more than just a side note to you.

  • Start: January 2023


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