Account Manager

  • Function
    Account Manager
  • Campus
    Antwerpen, België
  • Skills
    Projectmanagement, Accountmanagement, Digitale projecten

Your role

Can you name three agencies where you can build an app for a client, develop a creative brand campaign, redesign a website and create a glossy business magazine? No? At iO, we do it all (and so much more).

As an Account Manager on campus Antwerp, you’ll find yourself in a large playground full of experts from various backgrounds: from developers to creative copywriters. Collaboration is key and you’ll work together on projects for top brands such as Proximus, Lipton, Q8, Dove, Ax and Port of Antwerp. You’ll guide them in their digital transformation over the years by creating seamless customer experiences at all levels.

No matter how specific a client’s question is, you’ll probably have an answer by the end of the day. Because in addition to asking your colleagues on campus for help, you can also call on more than 1500 talented experts from other campuses: we dare say that our slack channel is better than Google.

What do we expect from you? As an Account Manager you’re both the face of iO and the essential link between your clients and your colleagues. For each project you’ll map out the best approach and you know how to get everyone on board. At the same time, you’ll act as a coach, motivating your colleagues to achieve creative discoveries (and go for a fifth round of rework).

Business proposals, budgets and deadlines? Totally your thing. But most of all, you understand that our business revolves around people, and you love that. Your proactive attitude and enthusiasm will undoubtedly reflect on your colleagues, clients and partners. And thanks to your digital background and commercial insight, you know perfectly well how to translate a marketing strategy into a feasible project.

At iO, knowledge is the foundation of everything you do. Our focus is on autonomy and you’ll get plenty of opportunities for personal growth. Do you want to follow courses to become even better than you already are? Then we encourage you to do so!

There’s also room for leisure: do you want to blow off some steam in our game room in between two meetings? Sure, go ahead. Or would you rather join a spontaneous afterwork in the kitchen after a long day? Cheers!

Ready to ride? Then call shotgun, buckle up and prepare to help shape the agency of the future.

Your qualities and skills as Account Manager

  • You have at least 3 years of experience as an Account Manager in an agency with a strong digital DNA.

  • Cross-media marketing, campaigns and digital projects are your cup of tea (or chai latte).

  • The account executive you work with is truly lucky, because you know how to perfectly guide and manage their workload.

  • You’re a critical sparring partner who makes the most of creative and business ideas. You’re also good at helping with daily operational tasks.

  • You’re talented in the field of project management: you’re flexible, result-oriented and you work independently. This way, you easily exceed the expectations of your clients.

  • You communicate convincingly to your team and your clients. You can do this fluently in Dutch, English and preferably also in French.


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