Account Executive

  • Function
    Account Executive
  • Campus
    Brussel, België
  • Skills
    Projectmanagement, Digitale projecten

Your role

Can you name three agencies that allow you to build apps for clients, set up creative brand campaigns, redesign websites and create a glossy company magazine from scratch? No? At iO, we do it all (and more).

As an Account Executive at campus Brussels, you’ll enter a playground full of experts from various fields: from developers to creative copywriters. Together, you’ll work on the on- and offline campaigns of top brands. Social media, e-newsletters, digital campaigns, websites and print will be your main creative outlets. Because you’re always on top of every project, you ensure that both we and the client can rest easy.

No matter how specific a client’s question is, you can probably answer it before the day is over. Because besides your colleagues on campus, you’ll be able to call on over 1,500 talented experts: our slack channel is more powerful than Google.

What we expect from you? As an Account Executive, you’ll be the Account Manager’s right hand and the oil in the machine that gives our clients what they expect - and more. You’ll communicate with both the client and our teams, you’ll translate briefings into clear tasks and you’ll be our very own quality watchdog for anything that leaves iO: you’ll help set the bar at the highest level.

Knowledge lies at the centre of everything you do at iO. We focus on independence and we will give you every opportunity to develop your skills. Training to become even better than you already are? We love that! But we also understand everyone needs a break every once in a while: blowing off steam in between meetings in our game room? Sure, that’s possible! Spontaneous get-together in the bar or kitchen after work? Cheers!

Are you ready to get going? Claim your front row seat and help shape the agency of the future.

Your qualities and skills as Account Executive

  • You have at least 2 years of experience in a digital agency environment. 

  • Thanks to your impeccable communication skills, you can build long-term relationships with your clients.

  • With your crystal clear briefings and ‘glass half full’ attitude, you’ll motivate your colleagues (design, copy,...) to give it their all, time and time again.

  • You’ll be focused on targets, but you’ll also follow up the day to day progress of your projects and you’ll run a tight ship when it comes to organising these projects.

  • Quality is your main goal. But delivering that quality will be no problem for you thanks to your detailed approach and your critical eye.

  • You can convince both your team and client of your ideas. You’ll do so in perfect Dutch and English, or in decent French whenever you need to.


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