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As Gold Partner, the famous blue webshop agrees that iO have all the expertise in-house to build a strong e-commerce strategy for your products — and to implement it on the largest webshop in the Benelux.

Our knowledge in the field of e-commerce and marketplaces is extensive. But we are also here to help you with technology, marketing, strategy, and content. We make sure that the right people find your products online first. We convert quality leads into repeat purchasers.

Why iO?

iO is a Gold Partner. This makes us a select group of agencies in the Benelux that are recognised by for their proven years of expertise and commitment to the platform.

But that recognition isn't the only reason you should choose iO:

  • iO is an expert in the field of marketplaces and e-commerce.

  • iO offers end-to-end services.

  • iO has a large team of specialists.

  • iO has a broad portfolio of ( clients.

Why is the largest webshop in the Benelux and is now also one of the major players in e-commerce worldwide. Despite the sheer scale of the platform, 60% of sales on are made by local entrepreneurs — more than 50,000 organisations like yours, are getting the most out of their ecommerce strategy.

The bricks and mortar and digital stores coexist perfectly, and that's what today's consumer expects: a seamless experience that's consistent online and offline. When you sell on you reach Belgian and Dutch customers who might otherwise never have known your products. It also increases your online visibility, which can only ever benefit your brand recognition.

What is a Gold Partner? uses three partner labels: 'Gold', 'Silver', and 'Ambassador'. Gold is the highest level of partnership, and the most exclusive. To give you an idea of just how exclusive Gold Partner status is; there are only 8 Gold Partners in the world — and iO is one of them. And yes, of course we are quite proud of that.

Official partnerships with are determined on the basis of these factors:

  • The range of services.

  • The diversity of services.

  • The quality of the services.

When you work with a partner — of any level — you can keep doing what you're good at, while outsourcing the tasks that demand extra skills or take up time that you can better spend in other parts of your business. Just think of setting up and optimising advertising campaigns or devising e-commerce strategies.

Our experts make a sales channel that delivers real value to your organisation.

Our services

Our technical experts, strategists, creatives, and marketers help you sell on — here's how:

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